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Daily Dose of Happy: Grandma's Hands

Never Ending Pot of Grits

Have you ever had a never ending pot of grits?

Do you even know what they are?

They are that pot of grits, that well, never ends. LoL.

But it's how they happen that tickles me.

You see, my Nana made a never ending pot of grits.

Ever since we can remember.

She used to wake up early and begin making them...

...and it fed a zillion people.

The thing that made them never ending, is the pot was SO LITTLE.

Any pot she used held less than 12 cups of water, and you certainly don't start with 12 cups of grits nor the full pot of water.

This was family reunion thyme.

Summer thyme.

She never knew how many people were coming over.

But there was a lot of us...and we all came through that kitchen at least ONCE to either get seconds or to just get to the other side of it. There was a family room on the other side and cooler that held all of the popsicles she and GrandDaddy would get us.

Nana managed to keep that pot going until the next meal.

We used to sit with her in the morning, while she cooked. She rarely needed or wanted much help.

"Awwww, no thank you baby." She would say to anyone who asked.

"Keep playing cards."

Some of us sat right up under her as she cooked; others went outside to swim, play basketball, or sit on the patio and watch tv.

Still, that pot of grits fed everyone.

I was mesmerized.

She made it with biscuits, and eggs...and those little red spicy sausages you get from North Carolina. The kind that come 18 in a pack, and are such a deep color red. Normally, if you made one of those for yourself, you'd need to eat the whole thing. Not with Nana. She made 5 or 6 of them each breakfast, and it would serve at least 30 people.

The sausage, biscuits and whatever else she prepared might have ran out...
But not the grits.

I wondered how she did it quite often.

Even asked her.

She would just laugh and say, "I don't know baby. But I'm glad you like them."

Best grits I've ever had.




Thick, but if you complained they were 'too thick', she'd take your plate and tell you to come back when they thinned down.

They were even good cold! (She did not like it when we ate them cold, but we did 🤣)

I promise you, I never left the kitchen trying to figure them grits out.

Until I realized that she made them everywhere she went.

So I stopped asking how, and sat with her.

As we got older, I tried making them for her every now and again. She would like them; HOWEVER, if she woke up wanting to cook, I'd tell her I'm gettin' right on out of her way, sit back down at the table and she'd just laugh.

If you've not ever had a pot of never ending grits, or care to try your hand at it, use a whisk. Use a whisk, and add cold water to the pot when it's lookin' a little low. If you eat them all day long, add a sprinkle of grits to the additional water and they'll be back right after 30 minutes.

Warmest Regards,

The Smitten Chef 🥰




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